Monday, April 17, 2006

Okay, so last post I resposted some old images. But there was new commentary so whatever.

This one my girl and I did waiting for breakfast. Mmmm muffins and eggs and dragons!

Last week Andy joined us and drew up some monster tits.

And then really worked his butt off on this elf. No half assed rush jobs for him. J gets his ideas from advertising. Or at least wanted to draw that character.

At the beginning of the Breakfast Club there's a shot of a staircase where someone's scrawled "I'm eating my own head" in the wooden bannister.(from a few weeks ago).

Mike was on an underwater kick that day he did the bottom in that one and this one. I like that it turned out that the tree head I made turned out to be on a lumberjack. But at least he has a rubber axe.Check out that cute jungle girl in the city!
I made this girl a little wonky eyed. But there's no erasing ink so now she just has "character". I think we all liked how this one turned out.