Friday, March 24, 2006

3 Weeks Worth

When you have the anonimity of being only 1/4 of a drawing and it's drawn on a napkin in a bar it makes it a lot easier to draw something crude and unpleasant. Case in point...

Also, we realized Mike doesn't like to just draw part of a character so he's started to put little mini characters in his 1/4 to make up for the fact he usually has to draw the feet. See!
I can't tell if those were Godzilla boots or Kiss boots. But they rock either way!

The next week Mike kept using the word dilettante at lunch in reference to art shows so it spawned this...

More tiny figures from Mike. So J planned to thwart Mike by adding a falling safe to squish the characters he would draw below on this one. But then he didn't draw any...

But notice the amazing landscape he drew instead! Such a lovely Castle ready to be ransacked by Conan on dragonback.

Also, I was compelled to draw pac man & ghosts that day because of an upcoming video game art show I'm doing.

The next week Mike was back to drawing tiny people again. He did the knight...

But as we unfolded it, we realized that unbeknowst to us, if we removed Js section it almost worked as a whole drawing, looking not nearly as calico and cobblestone as our usual corpses.

Then we all started drawing each other.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Jugger the Hutt

For this one it seems like we all drew Marvel characters. Spider-Woman is so 1970's that it's the awesomes!

Mike wanted to start one off sideways. Talk about lateral thinking. Nice one!