Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wooden texture on lightning bolts, yeah! The last part of this napkin is an homage to a Toronto creep who asks people at comic book conventions to draw in his skecthbook... pictures of girls stuck and struggling in glue with crushed bugs blood on their fingers. Now that's a fetish. He even crashed our local comic jam once adding panels of Catwoman stuck in glue to every page he could?!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The terrifying room of bald eagles

One day in elementary school we were making a display for the library's bulletin board of a giant haunted house for Halloween. We made a bunch of small tombstones for the the 2-d front yard and kept writing R.I.P. on them until Omar got bored and wrote T.O.E. on one. Toe (and Big Toe) were probably the funniest words to us in grade 2-5. The librarian said we had to change it, it didn't even stand for anything. "Sure it does... Terrified Of Eagles" Omar countered. She shurgged her shoulders and gave up. It made us laugh every time we passed the graveyard.

Different people playing along

This one was done in blue pencil so it didn't photograph or scan well. Ugh. Whatever.


This one was accidently started in the middle.

Different way to divide into quarters

For this one we actually tried to do a proper drawing, all agreeing to make a barbarian (the greatest thing to draw ever!). We flipped a Twoonie to see if it would be a male or female. Queen=Girl Bear=Bear. Without seeing each other's stuff it turned out not too horrible.

Happy Holidays!

Spidey's on the very bottom lifting it all lamenting "Aunt May!". The 50' Tall Woman is saying "50'? I'm only 48'11"!

Its nose is Barba Poppa

It's even fun to do on a date!


Each of us draw a different section not knowing what the other has drawn. We only see the lines that come over the edge of the folded napkin to know where to continue with our drawings. We ran out of room on the end of the first one so J provided the feet.